It’s no surprise that today’s technological revolution is changing the way patients make decisions, including decisions regarding their oral health. The advances in technology have improved the quality of dental care and increased the efficiency and predictability of procedures for patients. Your patient might ask if technology is making dental impressions better or worse.

If you are asked, the following points might help.

What are the advantages of digital impressions for Dentists? 

One of the most significant advantage of digital impressions is eliminating many chemical-based processes for technicians and dentists.

By eliminating these processes, the chance of errors within the treatment and manufacturing cycle is no longer a factor.

Some of these processes include:

  • Setting of impressions material
  • Setting of die stone and stone base material
  • Casting and pressing impressions
  • Shrinkage and pressing impressions
  • Shrinkage of conventional materials

By eliminating the process of conventional impressions, dentists need not be concerned with the possibility for error due to:

Air bubbles
Tearing of impressions material
Tray movement
Too little impression material
Inadequate tray adhesive
Distortion resulting from disinfection procedures
Additionally, centric occlusion has historically been registered through silicone or wax occlusal registration.

There is no material placed between the maxillary and mandibular teeth when performed digitally. This dramatically reduces the risk of obtaining an inaccurate measurement.

Why Should My Office Go Digital?

For both you and your patients, the advantages of using digital impressions outweigh traditional methods.

This new technology provides increased accuracy, efficiency, and productivity for the practice and your patients.

With the emergence of digital dentistry technologies, switching from traditional impressions to digital impressions will provide your patients with shorter office visits and yield more accurate restorative outcomes.

Please contact us if you are exploring the options for your practice to go digital with Dentaltech Group, as we offer a digital scanning service to all of our customers. If you don’t have an intra oral scanner we can do the scanning for you while you decide if it’s for you or not.

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