Denture Work

If your primary focus is the quality of denture fit and aesthetics for your patient then we are the lab for you. Our aim is to manufacture removable dentures to replace what naturally should be there for the patient. Our team are here to make dentures that enhance the quality of life of your patient.The longevity, durability and strength of a denture will increase depending on its superiority.  As with any dental treatment, itis important to discuss your patient’s expectations in order to assess the results that they would like to achieve before deciding the one most suitable. It is also important to consider patients’ current Oral condition, planned treatment and the patient’s budget in order to align expectations with achievable results before selecting from the range of dentures available. Our technicians are available to discuss options and assist in treatment planning for cases no matter how simple or complex.

Superior Denture Range

Our Superior Denture Range is designed for the patient who is looking for aesthetic excellence along with function. We use premium teeth which have a high aesthetic, natural look along with Diamond-D high impact acrylic for a really exceptional finish.  Gumshading to match your patient’s gum pigment and stippling are included in this range if requested for really detailed aesthetics.  During the stages of manufacturing the Superior Denture, we recommend taking a secondary impression for a better fitting result and incorporating muscle moulding where possible.  The Superior Denture range can be combined with a Cobalt Frame for exceptional partial restorations.

Private Denture Range

Our Private Denture Range is a highly aesthetic denture range using excellent materials such as vertex acrylics and private standard teeth.  Finished with high aesthetic contouring on the gum work for a more natural finish.

Chrome Cobalt Frame

We manufacture Chrome Cobalt frames from simple to elaborate partial designs and full palates depending on your specifications with fantastic results.  It is important to ensure the stability of the cobalt frame, so design, size, and function must be aligned to achieve results.  For successful Chrome Cobalt cases, we recommend a number of things including: creating rest seats &/or palatal rests for the framework where possible, tissue stops where applicable, design that incorporates a balance of clasps and rests, taking secondary special tray impressions to improve the fit.

Economy Denture Range

We have an economy range for those on a budget or many of our customers use our economy range for their GMS denture work. Due to the high quality of our work our customers have found they save so much time with chairside while providing a superior quality denture.

Denture Design Options

Please see our Denture Design Option to assist in Denture Design and component selection for dentures. Alternatively, we are happy to design dentures, discuss options, design chrome frames and any other options for our customers to suit your patient’s requirements.Denture Base Design ClaspsCobalt Framework Stainless Steel C clasp Cobalt Ring Design Circumfrential ClaspCobalt Strap Design Ball claspCobalt Horseshoe Shape Design T ClaspAcrylic Base (Full Palate Standard) J ClaspAcrylic Strap Design I-Bar ClaspAcrylic Button/Spoon Design Palatal ClaspAcrylic Horse Shoe Shape Double Arm C-ClaspClear Acrylic Base Other: please specify on prescription    Acrylic Work Other Contouring Strengthener in tooth/palate Stippling Composite tooth build up Colouration and Ethnic matchingAcrylic tooth build up Other: please specify on prescription Shade taking in labIf what you are looking for is not on the table above please contact us to discuss as our technicians would be happy to fabricate components to your specifications.

Additional Denture Services

Addition of Teeth/Flange/Clasps to existing DenturesRepairs from Simple Fracture to ComplexStraight to Finish Urgent or Immediate DenturesImmediate Restoration of TeethDenture ReliningEmergency Service – Minor MiraclesDenture Labelling with the Patient’s nameProfessional Denture Cleaning.

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