I’m looking for a new lab, why should I use Dental Tech Laboratory?

We save you Chair-Side Time which makes you more money. You send us a super impression we send you an amazing fit. Many of our customers have been with us more than 20 years and many work with us until retirement which show how reliable we are. We ensure excellent communication between our lab and you to develop our service to meet your needs, we find out what you want and how you like your cases and that’s what we deliver. We have been around the block and know what we are doing.

How can I start using your lab?

Call us on 01 555 4781 or send us an email info@dentaltechlab.ie

How can I get some of your lab dockets?

Simply Download our dockets at the top of the page.

How can I get your pricelist?

Price is important, we understand that costs have to be monitored, however, we recommend you send us a case and try out the quality first. Our mission is to save you Chair-Side Time so you can see more patients. We have great quality at reasonable prices so drop us an email or call and we can send on prices.

What are your turnaround times?

We will make sure to deliver back what you need, when you need it. Our turnaround times vary dependent on the type of appliance or denture work stage. We will work around your practice needs.  We have been known to perform miracles from time to time as we understand that the patient comes first. Call us on 01 555 4781 to discuss your needs or send us an email info@dentaltechlab.ie

Can you collect/deliver in my area?

We have a free collection and delivery service in Dublin & surrounding counties and we use An Post for clinics outside this area.

What do I do if I am not in your collection area but I would like to send a case?

Please call first or email to see if we have extended our collection areas.  We understand that your patients’ cases are fragile and in order to ensure impressions or models are not broken or damaged on delivery, we suggest: Wrapping the models &/or impressions in bubble-wrap or failing that, scrunched up newspaper.  Then place into a small parcel box (any box will do – even an empty glove box from your surgery will be sufficient).  Then send by registered or swift post to: Dental Tech LaboratoryFloor 2/3,  Whitehall Close,  Terenure, Dublin 6W Phone: 01 555 4781 Email: info@dentaltechlab.ie