Immediate dentures are designed to be temporary, only worn for about 6 to 8 months until the arrival of a more permanent tooth replacement or until gums heal.

For immediate replacement, our lab removes the plaster teeth from the model and trims the socket underneath, making space for the gum to relieve any pressure as the gum can be swollen and sensitive after the surgery.

The advantage is that our technicians can match the shape of the removed teeth but when it comes to shaping the gum, there is a bit of guess work, allowing for healing and sensitivity post extraction, post surgery.

Since these are not custom fitted tight to the mouth in these areas post extraction or surgery, they can slip and move, the denture will be less and less retentive as the gum heals over time.

Immediate dentures will also need to be periodically adjusted and relined to ensure proper fit as the mouth heals and the swelling subsides.

Even so, immediate dentures could last as long as conventional or permanent dentures with the right adjustments and relining.