We have over 40 years experience working with some of the finest Orthodontists and we are amazing at Ortho. Whatever you need, whether it’s a complex new design or a more traditional appliance can make it.  Many of our customers have been working with us for more than 20 years and over the years many worked with us right through until their retirement.


Clear, Hawley, Fixed, Bonded Twist, Bonded TMA, With Jig, Without Jig, Circumferential Retainer, Ricketts, Begg Retainers, You Name It We do It Retainers.

Fixed Appliances

Herbst, FROGG RME, Herbst RME, Hyrax RME, Band and Loops, Nance, Lingual Arch, Trans Palatal Bar, Quad Helix, we can do anything you need.

Fashion Appliances

A real compliance motivator for your patients!  Let your patients express themselves by letting them choose their favorite colours and designs for their acrylic work, from glow in the dark unicorns or spiders to favorite clubs, rugby and football teams.

Nightguards / Splints / Pressure Formed

Michigan Splint, Clear Retainers, Bleaching Trays, Dual Cushion Nightguards, Hard Nightguards, Splints, Soft Nightguards, Gumshields and all the rest.


Study Models, Record Models, White Stone, Yellow Stone, all Anatomically trimmed from High Gloss to unpolished we can do them all.

Functional Appliances

TwinBlocks, Bionators, Frankels, Medium Opening Activators, ALFs, Harvolds, Rickanators, Habbit Applicanes, Blue Grass, Rapid Palatal Expander, Hyrax, Superscrew, all RME’s / RPE’s.

Orthodontic Mini Implants (TADs)

Temporary Anchorage Devices, all types, all appliances, just specify the design or chat with our team to help select the best options.

Expansion Appliances

Schwartz2D, Single or Double, 3D Expansion, Roberts Retractors, All RME’s

Ask a Technician

Got any questions? Ask one of our technicians!