Save time on Splints and Retainers using your Intraoral Scanner

Hey! Did you know….

We can save you time by making splints and retainers from your scans. If you can send us scans or images in an email to and we can reply with a quote quickly.

These are the top dental appliances we can offer fast turnaround times for:

– Essix and Zendura Retainers

– Bleaching Trays

– Hard Night Guards

Plus.. we save your digital appliance, so if the patient loses or damages it, we can replace it instantly with the click of a button.

Think about it this way

1. Casting an impression and making pull down splint in the surgery takes 40 minutes. 

2. Making a model takes 45 minutes including the 30-35 minutes for plaster to be set. Plus you need to make space for this messy production area.

3. It takes an extra 25 minutes to outline the block-out area if any, then to pre-heat the vacuum machine and pull down the splint. The last steps are to take the splint off the model and smooth the edges and polish it nicely.

How many splints are you doing in the clinic weekly?

We can save that time for You and Your Dental Team!

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