1. Each one of your patient’s dentures goes through 110 quality control checkpoints in our laboratory, from impression to the finished product. We really care about delivering a quality product.

2. We have 3 ranges of Dentures to choose from.
• Economy
• Private Standard
• Superior Quality

3. Our customers say they gain 20% more time with appointments and adjustments with our Dentures when compared to our competitors.

4. We have a fabulous team of technicians who can help resolve denture emergencies including same day & 24 hours repairs, additions and relines.

5. We have been known to make a new venture in such a short amount of time when a patient has lost their denture.


1. Our amazing team of orthodontic technicians carries out 31 checks on each appliance we make for your patients.

2. That’s why we are known for making appliances that “just click into place”.

3. We use stronger and thicker wire on our orthodontics appliances which is technically more difficult for dental technicians. We do this as it reduces the bending/breaking of components through regular insertions, which in turns reduces repairs and subsequent complains.

4. We were the 1st laboratory in Ireland to introduce the superscrew RPE with the patent-friendly, safe and easy to use expander wrench.

5. Coloured and custom designs in appliances increase patient’s compliance.

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